7.6M x 6.1M x 400mm (25ft
x 20ft) plate field, consisting
of 10 off 10' x 5' tee slotted
plates. Through levelling.
18' x 5' tee slotted plate, on
heavy stand with levellers,
good condition,
Stolle 6m x 4m platefield.
Optional measuring machine.
12' x 6' Volvo plate. Drilled
and tapped to 150mm
6m x 4m plate field in 4 off
3m x 2m plates. Through -
plate levellers. Excellent
7m x 2.6m tee slotted plate in
one piece. Weight 16 tons.
Excellent condition.
200" x 140" portage plate
with 2 off 3 axis machines.
New 3M x 2M x 400mm.
4M x 2M x 300mm
4m x 2m x 200mm tee slotted plate.
Other sizes available in this style.
New 3m x 2m x 200mm plate
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Walker Lincoln Ltd
New tee slotted floor
plates. Please let us know
your requirements. We
carry a small stock, but
our lead times are as low
as 13 weeks. Please
note:- all new plates come
equipped with blanking
plates and levellers.
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New 5m x 2m x 300mm floorplate
We make bespoke
examples (see "past
sales", on homepage,
but our most popular
"standard" sizes are;   
3m x 2m x 200mm
4m x 2m x 200mm
4m x 2m x 300mm
5m x 2m x 300mm
3m x 2m x 400mm