The tables shown below are just a random selection. Please Email or phone to discuss your requirement.
8000mm x 1750mm
cast iron plate with
small drilled & tapped
holes in regular pattern
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5' x 3' surface table on
cast legs.
8' x 6' cast iron
surface table. On
frame with levellers.
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5m x 3.1m granite block,
ex co-ordinate measuring
machine. 25 tons.  
Calibration £500 + VAT
on site. Located Derby.
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Heavy duty portage
table. 12' x 8'.
Weight est 15 tons.
10' x 4' tee slotted table.
vgc on frame.
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14" x 12' surface
table. Excellent
6' x 4' surface table,
adjusters at bottom of
feet. Good condition,
pictured outside after
unloading, stored inside,
10' x 5' heavy duty
surface table with cast
6' x 4' surface table,
with cast legs.
Please Email or phone with your requirement if you do not see what you are
looking for. We have stock arriving all the time.
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P.O. Box 10439, Newark, NG24 9NG
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16' x 4' surface table,
c/w stand.
6' x 4' Gimson tee
slotted table. Very
good. Photo taken
outside after unloading
- stored inside.
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