Below are some examples of our products
supplied to our customers.
Grade 3 (BS 817 1988) tee
slotted 2500mm x 1250mm table,
supplied to motor manufacturer.
Grade 2 (BS 817 1988), plain
surface table supplied to Rolls
Royce, Derby.
2 off 5m x 2m x 200mm tee
slotted floorplates supplied to
large manufacturer in  
2 off 3m x 1.6m x 200mm tee
slotted floorplates, supplied to test
Two 2000mm x 1250mm
Grade 2 surface tables,
supplied to fabrication
company in Middlesex
6m x 3m x 200mm Grade 3
tee slotted platefield
supplied to and installed at
motorsport company in