8 off 2000mm x 1250mm, UKAS
certified, Grade 3, hand-scraped, tee
slotted tables for Ford Motor Company.
Bespoke Grade 3, hand-scraped 5500mm x
1500mm bedplate, installed at a diesel test facility.
Used Stolle 6000mm x 4000mm tee
slotted plate, supplied and installed in  
Below are some examples of our products
supplied to our customers.
Export packing of a 4250mm x
2250mm tee slotted plate for
sale to oilfield company, for
onward shipment to Kazakhstan.
4000mm x 600mm Grade 2, surface table on a
box section steel stand. Supplied to the Irish
Air Corps, Dublin.
One of two 3000mm x 1500mm
tee slotted plates supplied to and
installed at a UK university.
2500mm x 1250mm Grade 2
surface table, supplied to Lincoln
Crankshaft & Machining new in
2008 and although used daily, still
achieving Grade 3!
New 3000mm x 2000mm,
Grade 2 table, with metric
levellers top and bottom.
Supplied to Weir Minerals.
7m x 2m x 300mm plate,
comprising 5m & 2m sections,
for major test facility.
Commissioned and installed by
Balfour Beatty.
Heavy duty 4m x 3m x 400mm
platefield, installed at a diesel  test
6m x 4m x 200mm cross-slotted
installed at a  motorsport
company, Northants.